When our Biology class changed over we then had physics. In Physics our class decided to come up with experiments to show the local primary kids that science is fun during science week.  The experiments had to be simple and danger free. So myself and a few classmates came up with two simple experiments. One involved a packet of skittles, warn water, and a plate. We sat the skittles on the plate neatly and poured the warm water around the center of the plate. The conclusion was that the coloring of the skittles would spread around the bowl to make a rainbow like design.

Another experiment involved a sandwich bag, water, and a few pencils.  This was called the leak proof bag experiment. What that involved, was that the pencils had to go right through the bag one at a time so that no water would spill out. This was a fun experiment as when it was done properly no water would spill out of the sandwich bag.


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