P.E Expo.

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For the P.E expo my main project was on nutrition and the differences between Ruby players and sprinters dietary requirements. Below is a sample of the project.

A Sprinter’s Diet

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Sprinters are a prime example of how important nutrition is for performance. To compete at the highest level, they need their nutrition to be on point so they have enough energy to stick to a demanding training schedule, yet they don’t eat so much they gain body fat, which can affect performance. Even if you’re not competing at the top level and just sprinting for your school, as part of an athletics team or for fun, you can make tweaks to your diet to optimize your performance on the track.

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Calories are one of the most important aspects for sprinters to consider, but they can be a bit of a conundrum. Training sessions are rigorous, so you need plenty of calories for energy. However, body weight is also a concern — you need to have a low body fat level while still maintaining muscle mass to generate power. During the off-season, increase your calorie intake to the point where your weight is stable week after week and you’re eating enough so you feel energized for training and recover well after sessions.

A Rugby Player’s Diet

Chris Farrell – FC Grenoble

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*Weight = 110kg

* Height = 194cm

Breakfast: (7-9am)

Typically, depending on daily schedule and training times, Chris try’s to scramble or poach 5 free range eggs with whole wheat bread and salmon (estimate 150g). Otherwise, and less time consuming, he will have porridge with almond milk and a little bit of peanut butter or honey.

If provincial [Irish] nutritionist’s or Strength & Conditioning coaches saw what is provided for us they would be shocked. Yes, there are the guts of a good meal, salads,vegetables, but the meat portion can be the smallest part and swamped in sauce and might come with creamed potatoes.


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