Negatives of cloning animals.

Cloning is a highly controversial practice that has begun taking off in the animal world.  There are many people that have no problem with animal cloning but there are many people who are against cloning. Example of cloning.

Dolly the sheep, was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, this by far the world’s most famous clone.Several clones had been produced in the lab before Dolly, including frogs, mice, and cows, which had all been cloned from the DNA from embryos. Dolly was remarkable in being the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell. This was a major scientific achievement as it demonstrated that the DNA from adult cells, despite having specialized as one particular type of cell, can be used to create an entire organism. But there are many negatives in cloning.

Image result for dolly the sheep diagram

1. Mutations – in cloning, somatic cells play a significant role; when these cells contains mutations, the cloned animal can be weak or it could have lethal effects on the subject.

2. Death – death can happen when the donor egg’s mitochondria doesn’t match with the somatic cell’s mitochondria.

3. Early death or premature aging – when somatic cells undergo telomeric shortening during cloning, the results can be early death of the animal or premature aging.

4. Expensive – cloning is expensive because a great number of eggs are required for a single viable clone and this may seem wasteful since it is much easier to breed animals naturally. [95% of cloning test fail].

5. Genetic diversity is reduced – since it is possible to create identical copies of animals, this aspect is reduced greatly.

6. Scientific limitation – until now, cloning is still experimental and it warrants further research.


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