On Thursday 30th March, our T.Y year went to see Wonderland, a new musical based on Alice in wonderland. Wonderland is an enchanting musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, with a huge heart  and a whole lot of wonder. We left the school at 8.50am before arriving in Belfast at 11.45am and later went on to Victoria Square to get something to eat and go for shopping if we wanted. We had to be at the theater for 2.00pm as the musical started at 2.30pm.

Image result for victoria square belfast

The musical was very interesting as i never seen anything like it before. It was based on Alice in Wonderland, but with a modern twist. Alice was an adult with a daughter trying  to escape reality. At 4.50pm we went back to the bus and headed back to the school. I enjoyed going to see Wonderland in Belfast was it was a new, modern musical that no one had seen the like before.

Related image     Image result for wonderland musical belfast


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