I was always interested in music growing up no matter what type or style it was. Also i always wanted to pick up an instrument mainly a guitar, and transition year was the best time for it. So i started at music class and learned a few chords and played along with the teacher. Few days later i got a lend of my cousins acoustic guitar. Even though the guitar was missing the first string i still managed to played. I started going to guitar lessons locally and pick all the basics up very quickly. My guitar coach Brian Sweeney a local musician was very helpful teaching me the guitar.

Image result for koda acoustic guitar

Later on in the year i bought an acoustic guitar of my own. I got even better at the guitar and started learning the likes of barre cords when i should have only still be learning the basics. Recently i bought myself an electric guitar and have picked it up quickly too, as the acoustic guitar played a big role in it. Music was an enjoyable subject this year as it help me in progressing with my music and guitars. I was also asked to pick up the piano. But i would rather focus on the guitars at the minute but sometime down the line i might pick the piano.


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