First Aid Course

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On the 10th March our Ty year had  a first aid course that was been held in the mercy hall. In this course we rotated around four different parts of the hall as different instructors were going through the different parts of first aid training. At the first section we learned basic first aid such as how to properly wrap a bandage and how to properly position someone into a recovery position. At the next section we were shown different situations such as how to notify if someone was taking an asthma attack, going into cardiac arrest, and the differences if someone was chocking and someone that was chocking and need help before going into cardiac arrest. At the third section we learned how to safely bandage a broken collarbone or arm, The fourth section was a reminder of what we had learned in the first three sections and also how to tend to someone if they went into a cardiac arrest. Later on in the evening we learned C.P.R and how to use a A.E.P. Overall it was a good  day and very beneficial  to be trained in basic First Aid.


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