Work Experience Thursday 16th March


Image result for garda siochana Image result for ballyshannon garda station

On Thursday 16th march, myself and two other students went to our local Garda station for a days work experience. When we arrived we took a quick tour around the station. The Sergeant guiding the tour showed us the prison cells and juvenile cells. Then we were brought into the interrogation room. Altogether there are three in the station. After that we were brought to the evidence room. Later on that morning we went to past murder sights. When we got back to the station we were shown confiscated and stolen vehicles  and caravans

Image result for rsu garda


After lunch we were handed over to the RSU [regional support unit]. We were shown armour, equipment and weapons that the RSU have. Later on we were shown differnt types of cars that the RSU unit use. Overall it was was an interesting day and also great experience. Even though my work experience weeks were small i am currently working part time in my local store.


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