French taster courses

For eight weeks our TY class give French tasters to primary school kids to help them understand a third language before entering first year. Before we started our lessons, it took many weeks to prepare slideshows, quiz’s and tests. But first we had to notify the teachers of the primary schools about our french taster course. We had planned to only teach the lessons to sixth class students seeing that they would be entering secondary school in the coming months. But numbers were small in some schools so he taught third class up to sixth.

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For our first lesson we taught the foundation of french, Which included numbers in french and “How to say hello and goodbye” The first school we taught was Rock field N.S. Later on that evening we taught my old primary school Holy Family N.S. More schools included St Catherine N.S, Kilbarron N.S and Gaelscoil Éirne N.S. Week twos lesson included “How to introduce yourself to someone” and quick revision of week one. Throughout week three to our final week eight we thought the students basic french. Colors, animals, my home, sport and revision from previous weeks were all on topic.

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All the students from the primary schools were keen to learn and we tried to made the lessons as fun as possible for them. I thought our french taster course was a great idea. It was great experience and also helped the group with french moving on to fifth year.


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