Reflection on ‘Theatre and Stage’ Studies.

At the start of our transition year theater class we were told to stand up in front of our new class and introduce ourselves and tell the class a bit about ourselves. Some people found this difficult while others did not. For me, i had no problem upon speaking to the class. As weeks went on our class learned the basics of Theater and Stage. Around October we were told that we would be preforming a drama piece for the Ballor competition in Ballybofey. Our class was then handed scripts. The drama piece that we would be preforming before Christmas was called ‘The Bog Of Cats’ by Marina Carr. This piece was a tragedy about a mother that ended up killing her daughter along with herself. It took many weeks for the class to learn the script. For me, i had the role of Father Williow an old, clumsy and forgetful man. Also i had to practice a country like accent to match my role. I also helped to made the set. Me and a few others put the set together and then we passed it on to get it decorated. In November we met after school and headed to Ballybofey. Along with us another class was also preforming a drama piece. The piece that they preformed was a comical one called ‘Check Please’. On the night things didn’t go as planed as the set that was made didn’t make an appearance as it was blocked at the side of the stage. Also some of the actors including myself messed up on Timing and remembering lines. After the Competition we were off for Christmas. When we came back we were handed another script. This was a comical  one called ’10 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse’ by  Don Zolidis. For this piece i was given one of the main roles. My role was a Doomsday  Survivor. Even in the short time we had to learn the play we preformed very well on the day in  the Mullingar arts center. Overall i enjoyed my Theater and Stage class and would be interested if anything similar came up in the future.

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