Christmas Fair 2016

At the start of September our Enterprise project was to have our very own Christmas fair. We all pick our groups and the product we were going to produce. My group was progressing rapidly, but i noticed that another group were struggling  in the research and the progress of their chosen products. So i took it upon myself to leave my old group and to help the others in the making of their product but unfortunately i ended up doing most of the project for them. Each one of us at first had jobs to carry out. One members job was to process the wood. Meaning to have the wood, treat and dry the wood and also to sand and remove all sharp edges on the wood. Unfortunately this job was not carried out to its full potential. For other members including myself our job was to equally buy materials and decorations for our products. One member did not pay in at all and another gave €2 and i was told i would get the rest when the money at the fair was made. I reminded members of the group numerous times that we had to pay equally to get the materials and decorations for our chosen products, so we could get the same amount of profit and the end of the fair. One problem was that we needed felt material for our product but could not find it locally. One member promised that he could get the material elsewhere and the rest would split the money equally to get the material. Unfortunately that member did not get the material, so i had to use my Halloween decorations for the products as some of the decorations were made from felt material. Seeing that no member of the group was going to equally share the money along with myself to get what was needed, i took it upon myself to borrow some amount of money needed from my mum as no other member had the interest to equally  give the same amount of money to buy the decorations and materials needed. Altogether myself and my mum spend €42 on what what was needed. It would have only being half the cost if the decorations on the wood hadn’t to be redone  as the wood was wet, the bark was rotted , flaking off and was not sanded down for even dried. So i brought three of the four members including myself to my house to redecorated and fix the wood. One member stayed only for half an hour and had to leave for dinner and did not come back to help even though we only lived down the road from my own house. Even though that member only helped for half an hour we has shocked when we seen the state of the wood that the other member produced as the wood was damp, and was not tried, treated or even sanded. Not only was i shocked at the state of the wood but was shocked when i seen that the wood that was decorated the first was all thrown into one gym bag. The other member stayed only for an hour and had to go. So i told him to leave the wood with me so i could try it for the group. So i spend the next two nights striping the dead bark of the wood, dried the wood and sanded the wood. I had to take that following Wednesday of school to it get the wood sorted hoping that the rest of the group with have offered to help redecorated the wood as i asked them so many times before. But ended up decorating the wood myself. And with the help to make bows it gave the products a better presentable looking appearance. Late Wednesday night before the deadline the next day i got the products finished and packaged.

On Friday 9th December at the Christmas fair everything was sold but the group demanded that the money should be split four ways even though one did not pay at all and another only gave €2. The total on that day was €81. €5 was given for the rent of our table. The final total was €76. Each member was given €15 including myself  and i gave the remaining  €16 to my mum even though it was less than the money that was borrowed. I did not worry about the money only that the commitment of the group was not there. One member made a €15 profit even though we did not pay in at all. Another made a €13 profit as he only gave €2 at the start. The member that offered the wood, thought we was given too little even though we made a profit from that €15 and gave wood that wasn’t dried, treated or sanded. In the end i had to split €60 four ways to give €15 each including myself and thought it was only fair that i gave some of the borrowed money back even though one member was not happy about it. Even though i did most of the enterprise project i made no profit and was down -€21, as i wanted to gave the money i borrowed back. To not cause any problems i divided the €60 four ways even though it wasn’t the right option. In the end i was very disappointing and angered that i left my old group to help another group that was struggling. The reason i joined that group was to help them with their product not do it for them.


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