Trumps policies

Altogether the president-elect Donald Trump has 146  policies planned for the united states of America. Here are 10 of his polices that stand out more than than rest.

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1. Build a wall, Splitting America and Mexico. Also trump is going to make Mexico pay for the wall.

2.Imprison Hillary Clinton, for the use of private e-mails .

3.Ban Muslim immigration and ‘monitor’ mosques in the US.

4.Diminish the freedom of the press. Meaning he can sue more company’s and get more money.

5.Order the US military to torture detainees and kill the families of terrorists.

6.Abolish international trade deals.

7.Tighten abortion laws.

8.Defend the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Meaning people could bear and use fire arms.

9.Make America energy independent, create millions of new jobs, and protect clean air and clean water.

10.Legalize drugs to take profit away from drug cartels.

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Good Luck America!


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