Bog of cats.

This year our TY class joined up with TY4 to compose our annual theater production at the Balor arts centre in Ballybofey. This years drama piece we preformed was ‘The Bog of Cats’ by Marina Carr. This is a bitter sketch of the Irish midlands full of ghosts and vengeance.

Image result for the balor theatre ballybofey

There were many roles in this play and each role was crafted and preformed brilliantly, whether it was throughout our many practice hours, or on our main night at the Balor arts centre. It took many hours to prefect our performance but in the end everything went perfect. For myself i played the old and confused father willow, who played one of few comical acts in the overall production. Our directer was our drama teacher Ms Anne-Marie Garvey who helped us to make our production a successful one. Overall myself and my class enjoyed the production of ‘The Bog of Cats’.




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