Carnival 2016

On Thursday the 6th and Friday the 7th of October our TY year was involved in the preparations of our yearly carnival which took place on Saturday the 8th of October.

Image result for carnival ballyshannon

The overall head of the carnival was Maura Logue but we had our own instructor that was called Patrick. Our TY year was the finale of the carnival. The theme of this years carnival was “Army Dreamers”. Not only was this finale based on the 1916 rising but also the battle of Somme, were the Irish people split. Some of the Irish stayed and fought in the rising were as the rest of the Irish people fought alongside the British in ww1 in hope to get home rule, meaning the Irish would have had their own parliament but still would have being ruled by the British. I was a sergeant major  on the British side leading my troops to the battle of the Somme.


On the day of the carnival, all TYs involved in the carnival had to meet at the Marion hall at five o’clock were we had to get our costumes and makeup shorted. We then did a final rehearsal and made our way up to the mercy hall were we joined the rests of the carnival. After we got in our right place we made our way to the abbey center at the top of the town.  At half seven we made our way down the town with the parade.


After we went down the town, we cut into the bus station car park were we watched the rest of the parade, as we were preparing for the finale. When the parade was over the center of the town was barricaded. We then made our way out from the bus station onto the street and preformed the finale. Our TY year enjoyed our involvement in the parade as it was a new experience.





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