Fire Safety Workshop

Image result for fire safety week

On the 10th of October our Ty year group had a fire prevention\safety workshop in the mercy hall. Two fireman from our local fire station came to talk to us. They firstly spoke of the most dangerous things that could ignite such as,

Image result for dangerous extension cordsImage result for dangerous extension cords

Extension cords\leads: Extension leads or cords can easily ignite if a circuit or fuse overloads. This time of the year would be most dangerous as Halloween and Christmas is approaching. If an extension cord or lead ignites it could cause serious damage.

Image result for dangerous chip pan

Chip pans: Even though not many people use chip pans anymore as deep fats fryers have taken over, still elderly people could use them and when unattended the pan could ignite and do some serious damage.

Image result for cigarette damage fire

Cigarettes: You may think that a cigarette could not do much damage, but it can. If you leave a cigarette unattended it could easily fall on the carpet or burn through the furniture and your house could go up in flames.

We then learned about alarms and sprinkler systems.Image result for fire alarmImage result for fire alarm and sprinklers

Myself and my TY group found this workshop very interesting.


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