Gender Equality and Human Rights

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On Tuesday the 20th of September, our TY class TY1  participated in the Human Rights and Gender Equality workshop. In this workshop we had a guest speaker called Danielle to explain human rights and gender equality to us in better detail.  For our first exercise we put our chairs in a circle and Danielle lay a box of sweets in the middle of the circle. She then came around all of us and told us to pick out a card out of the bag she was holding. On these cards it would represent a person, occupation and were they lived in the world. She would then ask questions like ” Can i afford a drivers licence” and “Could i get a good education”. If we could afford or do the thing that she asked us, with the card we had we could grab a sweet from the box in the middle of the circle. At  the end of the exercise we would see how many sweets we had and then revealed the card we had. Some people had a good amount of sweets whilst most had very few. For example some people had cards like a person that lived in Germany with a good job whilst others had a person living in Romania that worked at a petrol pump. At the end we just shared out our sweets to each other. I enjoyed this exercise as we learned about wealth and poverty.

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For our next exercise we were put into groups of four and were given an A1 sheet and was asked to write about what a man and women would need to make them better. For men the class would have written things like brave and to be good mannered and for the women was to look good.At the end Danielle would tell us to read our sheets out to the class and all were similar. She then would tell us “why a women couldn’t be brave”? and “why a man couldn’t look good”? We all then had a change of mind when she spoke about this matter. And that matter was that gender inequality is real and from our last exercise we found that unfair human rights is a big reality as well. My whole class enjoyed our gender equality and human rights workshop and our guest speaker Danielle explained in a way that we all could understand.





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