Delphi 2016

ty-delphi-sept-12-14-2016-iphone-screen-13-of-39On Monday the 12th of September, my TY year went to the Delphi adventure resort in county mayo. we left the school at 9:15  and arrived just after one o’clock. When we arrived we went to our room. It was eight per room. After we all got settled in we went to the adventure hub and got put into our groups. First I had surfing. At first I wasn’t too happy about that as i am a terrible surfer. we got the bus down to the beach at 1:45. The bus could not make it all the way as the roads were flooded. The water was four foot high and there was no chance the bus was getting by it. So myself and my group had to get out of the bus and get our wet suits on at the side of the road. we then made our way into the water that had flooded the road. Luckily for us the water was warm but it was full of grass and mud that the water brought in from the nearby fields. when we eventually got to the beach we got our surfboards that were stored in a metal crate. Our instructor went through the rules and safety of surfing. We then went in twos to carry the surfboards to speed up time. The water was freezing when we went in at first but after we went under the water we were fine. we got the best day for the surfing as the weather was great and the waves were huge. After we had finished surfing we put our boards back and made our way up the beach and through the flooded path again. After we got changed we got the bus back to the resort. we were just a few minutes late for dinner. Overall i really enjoyed the surfing.

ty-delphi-sept-12-14-2016-iphone-screen-18-of-39After i had dinner i went to my room to get ready for the next activity. I made my way back up to the adventure hub and found out that group one to three had an adventure walk and the other groups  did energising games. Our group left the resort at seven o’clock for the evening activity. For our adventure walk we walked  through the forest nearby. We also were shown rivers, lakes and mountains the went the resort so famous. After our walk we went to the canteen and had our supper then made our way back to our rooms. We did not sleep that night because of the excitement and mainly because it was eight people in room.

The next day our morning activity was the high wire. For the high wire we had to put on helmets and a harness. When it was my turn i had to climb up a log at then walk across a thin wire hence the name high wire. Then i had to make my way up another log and walk across one. After i had finished that obstacle i came down of the top log and went over to the leap of faith. The leap of faith was a huge log standing vertical, which had a small podium on top to stand on. I found it easy to climb up the log but trying to climb up onto the podium was the hardest part. When i made my way up i only and a few seconds to steady myself as at the top the log was wobbly. It was called the leap of faith as you would have to jump of the top of the log and hit a big red ball that was a few feet away from the log. Luckily for myself i steadied myself on time and was able to hit the ball. I really enjoyed the high wire as it was a new experience and i was able to do everything that was thrown at me when doing the activity. Our morning activity finished at one o’clock and we make our way to the canteen for lunch.

TY Delphi Sept. 12-14 2016 iPhone Screen (23 of 39).jpgI made my way back up to the adventure hub and myself and my group got our wet suits for kayaking. Myself and my group got on the bus after we got geared up. The river we were kayaking on once held a glacier but as now melted. Before we went in the water  our instructors taught us how to use the kayak and how to avoid falling out. Like surfing we were put into twos to carry the kayaks to speed up time. When we got into the water we rowed out to get used of the kayak. Our groups then played a game called scorpion. For this game we had to go to the very top of the kayak so the tail was raise in the water. To win all we had to do was knock one and other of the kayaks. The last person on their kayak would win. After the game we made our way back to land. Myself and the groups then put our kayaks and rows back. Our instructor told us we could then jump of the peer. We got back on the bus and made it back to the resort for supper. At seven o’clock we did our evening activity which was energising games. We had the same instructor that we had for  kayaking. The groups did a game which consisted of three planks of wood and a few pads that lay on the ground. We had to get across one side to the other without touching the ground. Whatever group got to the other side first would have won. After our evening activity we went back to the canteen and had our supper. I then went back to the room and prepared my things for the next and final day.

ty-delphi-sept-12-14-2016-screen-128-of-172The next morning was our last day. We got up at 7:45 and packed our bags. After that we went up to the canteen to get breakfast. Myself and my friends then brought our bags to the adventure hub and prepared ourselves. For our last two activities we had rock climbing and archery. First we had rock climbing. We learnt how to put on our own harness and how to direct the person that was climbing. When it was my turn i was comfortable climbing and made it up to the top. I then did an abseil to make my way down safer. After the rock climbing we went our way up the track to do archery. I enjoyed the rock climbing but enjoyed the archery even more. Once i got into it i found out that i am very good at archery. When we finished  we had lunch then made our way to the bus. We left the resort at half two and arrived back at the school  just before half four were we got our junior cert results. I really enjoyed my trip to Delphi as it was a new experience  and did loads of new activities.TY Delphi Sept. 12-14 2016 iPhone Screen (4 of 39).jpg


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